Would you like to further explore and learn more about Neo4j… using the cloud! Provisioning a more powerful VM instance with multiple cores and additional memory, a sandbox development environment… Well this post “Creating a Neo4j Linux VM in Windows Azure” is just right for you.

Will be installing a Neo4j Community 2.0.1 distribution which runs on the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS kernel and available on the VM Depot

Follow these steps that outlines the basics on how to setup.

From the Windows Azure Management Portal select “VIRTUAL MACHINES” then select “IMAGES” and then “BROWSE VM DEPOT”


Find the Neo4j Community 2.0.1 community image under “UBUNTU”
Click the arrow to continue


Choose a storage account
Choose a region, create a new storage account and provide it a name (for example: neo4jlinuxvm) then click the check to continue.


The VM image will be copied to the new storage account. Once it is finished, proceed to the next step.
When the status of the VM image will show “Pending registration” click “Register”



Register and provide a name for your new VM image
Click the check to continue.


Create a new Virtual Machine (click the +) and select “FROM GALLERY”


Now will create a new VM from an image
Select “MY IMAGES” and the image you created earlier (in this case neo4j-linux-vm) and then click on the arrow to continue


Configuring your VM
Provide VM name, size it appropriately, create a user name and password (user name and password that will be used when you connect via SSH to Ubuntu) and then click on the arrow to continue


Create a new cloud service and provide name, and most importantly enter a new endpoint named Neo4j with value 7474 for public and private port and then click on the arrow to continue


Your new VM is being provisioned! This can take a couple of minutes…


When completed go to VM dashboard to see all relevant information.
In this case we need the DNS Name neo4jlinuxvm.cloudapp.net


Open up you favourite browser and type the following neo4jlinuxvm.cloudapp.net:7474


That’s it your done! Now start graphing

To connect and manage your VM through SSH you will need a tool like PuTTY if on Windows or use Terminal if on Mac OS X. In future posts I will go through how to upgrade to latest version of Neo4j, modify Neo4j configuration settings and upload CSV and graphdb backups.

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