As a huge fan of “Asterix the Gaul” comics I decided to embark on an interesting project and collect data on all characters and take the opportunity to use Neo4j Graph Database to visualize structures, nodes and relationships.

Installing Neo4j is quite simple, download the latest stable release from
Unarchive the file, if you are on a *nix platform issue the following command:

To start Neo4j:

To Stop Neo4j:

In your browser type the following address

For further instructions on how to install and configure either on Windows or Linux, please visit the download page.

A sample subset of the complete dataset for you to explore can be seen here on the Neo4J GraphGist page.


For the complete Cypher Model and link to download the database: Asterix Dataset on GitHub neo4j-contrib/graphgist Wiki.

In future posts I will provide sample Cypher queries to further explore the data. I also plan to create some visualization with D3.js…

Source data:

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