With SQL Server 2016 just around the corner, a series of new features and enhancements will be introduced. More specifically some important Security Upgrades; Always Encrypted, Row Level Security, and Dynamic Data Masking. This post covers SQL Server 2016 – Dynamic Data Masking (DDM).

Note: DDM is also available in Azure SQL Database see the following link for details -> http://bit.ly/1eG7Que

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Happy New Year! It as been a while my friends… here goes 😉
This post assumes you are familiar or have already been introduced to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. If not I strongly encourage to read and follow-up on the SQL Data Warehouse Documentation to get you going.

Optionally if you would like to have a local on premise copy of the ContosoRetailDW database – A fictitious retail demo dataset used for presenting Microsoft Business Intelligence products. You can download here -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=18279

As much as we love AdventureWorks, it is also worthwhile to explore and work with bigger data volumes, to develop and test new concepts! Hence the entire ContosoRetailDW database contains more than 34M rows of records. So I decided to make it happen…ContosoRetailDW on Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Before we start the scripts (code) for this post are available here on GitHub -> https://github.com/sfrechette/contosoretaildw-azuresqldw

First thing let’s start by creating a blank SQL Data Warehouse database named ContosoRetailDW (Create a SQL Data Warehouse)


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A short tale of… data vizes. It’s about Tableau, R, and Shiny. How to prepare/build an existing and well-known Tableau visualization with R and provide web analysis interactivity. Will be using the raw data from the sample workbook named “Regional” that comes with Tableau Desktop. The following image below is a snapshot of the visualization that we will try to reproduce with R. You can also view and interact with this visualization on my Tableau Public profile page -> http://tabsoft.co/22IOMjD


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Back to the future – Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016 a small presentation given at the Ottawa SQL Server User Group (Ottawa PASS Chapter) on Thursday September 17, 2015.

SQL Server 2016 CTP2 introduced support for temporal tables as a database feature that provides built-in support for provide information about data stored in the table at any point in time rather than only the data that is correct at the current moment in time.

Topics covered: What is a Temporal Table?, Why Temporal? How does this work?, When to use (use cases) and demos…

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